The criteria were simple and straightforward, each venture should be a beacon of excellence, reflect the interests and ethos of the Foundation and be tangible and exciting.

Alan Grieve CBE, Chairman, Jerwood Foundation


Between 1998 and 2012, Jerwood Foundation diversified its support for the visual and performing arts from solely funding revenue projects to giving its significant financial support and Jerwood name to 18 high profile capital projects throughout the UK, reflecting its range of interests in the arts and education. Jerwood's distinct lack of bureaucracy and 'no strings attached' modus operandi, coupled with an agility to respond and take action, proved to be game-changing. The first capital project was Jerwood Space, now one of the best and most sought-after rehearsal studios in the UK. Through the ongoing funding support of Jerwood Arts, the important relationships with many of our major capital projects continue to play an essential part in Jerwood's art philanthropy; notably the Jerwood Young Artists at Glyndebourne; Jerwood New Playwrights at Royal Court and the LSO Jerwood Composer+ at Jerwood Hall, LSO St Luke's.