About: The cast of Vanessa in rehearsal in the Jerwood Studio, Glyndebourne, July 2018 - Photo: Richard Hubert-Smith © Glyndebourne Productions Ltd

Since 1991, Jerwood has channelled over £110 million in capital and revenue funding in the broadest support of the visual and performing arts and education in the UK.

  • Jerwood's Culture of Arts Philanthropy

    Jerwood's Culture of Arts Philanthropy

    As a family of philanthropic organisations: Jerwood Foundation, Jerwood Arts, Jerwood Space and Jerwood Collection, Jerwood's aim is to be relevant, imaginative and responsive in its support of the visual and performing arts in the UK. 

    Whether working independently or through strategic partnerships with other arts organisations, trusts, foundations or Arts Council England, the remit of the members of the Jerwood family is to foster the creation of the best art possible by meeting the current and fundamental needs of artists.

     Unfettered and without bureaucracy, Jerwood has created its own culture of arts philanthropy - private, independent, opportunistic and entrepreneurial.  It is these characteristics that underpin Jerwood's imaginative and responsive support for artists. 

    Working autonomously, but sharing the same mission, the members of the Jerwood Family encourage and enable artists to create the best art in their chosen artform, to develop new audiences and to widen access to the arts.

    Photo: The Little Prince - Luca Selvestrini's Protein Dance, JerwoodDanceHouse, DanceEast, Ipswich, 2019, featuring Faith Prendegast as The Prince and Karl Fagerlund Brekke as The Pilot © Jane Hobson

  • Jerwood's vision to support exceptional talent within the arts, combined with their strategic and imaginative attitude towards funding and their commitment to making a difference to artists and creatives, makes them a very important part of a diverse landscape.

    Sir Peter Bazalgette, Chair, Arts Council England (2013-2017)