Jerwood Foundation

Jerwood Studio

Glyndebourne, East Sussex

Glyndebourne Opera House was rebuilt and enlarged in the early 1990s by architect Michael Hopkins, but Sir George Christie, the director of the festival, was keen to continue the process of improvement to maintain Glyndebourne's reputation as one of the leading operatic venues in the country. The Jerwood Foundation made a £1million donation (the largest ever received by Glyndebourne at the time)to create a new rehearsal and practice stage. The space, adjoining the opera house, would have exactly the same dimensions as the main stage, allowing those rehearsing and trainees to experience almost like-for-like perfomance conditions. The project was conceived as part of Glyndebourne's enlightened policy of promoting young talent.

Jerwood Arts continues to support Glyndebourne's Jerwood Young Artists programme.

Jerwood Studio, Glyndebourne © Mike Hoban