Jerwood Foundation

TS John Jerwood

Sea Cadets

Launched in September 2002

The Jerwood Foundation made a grant of £1,216,700 towards the Sea Cadets' new off-shore power training vessel, after their two existing training vessels were decomissioned. The TS John Jerwood was offically named at a ceremony in September 2002 by Karen Grieve in the presence of The Second Sea Lord and Commander in Chief Naval Home Command Vice Admiral Sir Peter Spencer KCB ADC.

The TS John Jerwood, now berthed at Gosport, is used as part of the Sea Cadets' training programme for 12 to 18 year olds. The programme teaches teamwork and social responsibility through a range of activities based on seamanship and maritime skills. The 24 metre vessel gives power boat experience to trainees, a crucial part of their naval instruction. Although the Jerwood Foundation would normally support an older age group, the commitment to education in the wider sense made the training ship a relevant proposition. It also made a contribution to the well-being of a large number of young people.

Sea Cadets

The Sea Cadet Corps is a nationwide voluntary uniformed youth organisation open to 12 to 18 year olds. It dates back to the Crimean War (1854-1856) when sailors returning home from the campaign formed Naval Lads' Brigades to help orphans in the back streets of ports. There are now just under 400 Units nationwide offering a wide range of youth opportunities to around 13,000 Cadets, many from disadvantaged backgrounds. In 2004 the Sea Cadets merged with the Marine Society to form the Marine Society & Sea Cadets.

In 2006 The Jerwood Foundation made a small grant to the Marine Society & Sea Cadets to secure the training on the TS John Jerwood of 20 cadets from the Willesden branch.

TS John Jerwood © Sea Cadets Training Ship