The Polar Silk Road exhibition opening at Natural History Museum supported by Jerwood Foundation

The Polar Silk Road opening on 26 May 2023 is the second exhibition in the Contemporary Arts Programme at Natural History Museum in London supported by Jerwood Foundation.

In his UK debut, acclaimed Austrian artist and photographer Gregor Sailer showcases 67 images exploring the existing, potential, and unexpected impacts of a new global trade route that is opening due to melting Arctic Sea ice. It documents this fast-changing region at a pivotal moment in its history. His images highlight human-made marks on the otherwise pristine landscape and question the possibilities of widespread environmental, economic and social impacts that further exploitation might cause.

'Global warming and its impacts in the Arctic is a topical issue that affects us all, even if it is geographically far away. This northern-most region of the world has been profoundly affected by the climate crisis, making scientific research there more urgent.' – Gregor Sailer

The Polar Silk Road is free to visit and can be found in the Jerwood Gallery at Natural History Museum in London.

March 20, 2023
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