In 1999 Jerwood Foundation set up a UK Charity with an endowment of £25 million.  The Jerwood Charitable Foundation became the grant-giving arm of Jerwood and operates under its trading name Jerwood Arts.

Between 1998 and 2012, Jerwood Foundation diversified its support for the visual and performing arts from solely funding revenue projects to giving its significant financial support and the Jerwood name to 18 high profile capital projects throughout the UK, reflecting its range of interests in the arts and education.  The first of which was Jerwood Space which opened in 1998.  Through the ongoing funding support of Jerwood Arts, the important relationships with many of our major capital projects continue to play an essential part in Jerwood’s art philanthropy.

Jerwood Arts and Jerwood Space operate through separate board structures, but with some mutual directors to ensure continuity and consistency of Jerwood’s values, mission and ethos. Jerwood Foundation is registered in Jersey and is governed by a Council.


  • The Jerwood Foundation has made a phenomenal impact by being directly interventionist: trying to find creative solutions to funding problems. 

    Stephen Daldry CBE, Theatre and Film Director