Anthony Whishaw RA and family donate works to Jerwood Foundation

Jerwood Collection is delighted to announce four new acquisitions by Anthony Whishaw RA and Jean Gibson (1927-1991), which have been generously donated to Jerwood Foundation by Anthony Whishaw RA and his family.


Three of the works, Planes II (1960), Flowered Interior (1991-94) and Flower Piece Near Window (2018-20) are by Anthony Whishaw RA, whose work deals with explorations of memory and experience. He claims no association with any particular art movement, stating instead that ‘each painting and work on paper makes its own separate demands’. The family has also generously donated Drawing I by Jean Gibson, a long-time member of the London Group and Anthony Whishaw’s late wife, whose work explored the tension between the dichotomies of strength and fragility.


Flower Piece Near Window, by Anthony Whishaw RA, is one of eleven works being loaned from Jerwood Collection to a forthcoming exhibition of flower paintings that will be shown alongside, Dutch Flowers, at Millennium Gallery, Sheffield (22 June to 17 September 2023). This loan exhibition from the National Gallery will explore the development of Dutch flower painting from its beginnings in the early 17th century to its blossoming in the late 18th century.


Donated works:

Jean Gibson(1927-1991)

Drawing I, 1989

mixed media on paper



Anthony Whishaw RA (b.1930)

Planes II, 1960

ink on paper



Anthony Whishaw RA (b.1930)

Flowered Interior, 1991-94

mixed media on paper 



Anthony Whishaw RA (b.1930)

Flower Piece Near Window, 2018-20

work on paper


January 31, 2023
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