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Chika Osaka announced as inaugural winner of Jerwood Printmaking Today Prize

On Sunday 28 April at the London Original Print Fair, Chika Osaka was announced as the inaugural winner of the Jerwood Printmaking Today Prize for her lithograph, The rice that just served. Osaka will receive £2,500 and a profile article in Printmaking Today.

The Jerwood Foundation has a long tradition of supporting early-career artists. This new initiative in partnership with LOPF and Printmaking Today was focused on artists up to the age of 35 who are excelling in the field of printmaking. Exhibitors at LOPF were invited to nominate artists whose work demonstrates a deep understanding of the medium or a fresh approach to printmaking. Chaired by Anne Desmet RA (artist and former Editor of Printmaking Today) the judging panel included Philippa Hogan-Hern, General Director Jerwood; Helen Rosslyn, Director LOPF; and Catherine Daunt, Hamish Parker Curator of Modern and Contemporary Graphic Art, British Museum. The shortlist for 2019 was Mathilde Busch, Jemma Gunning, Ben Hendy, Frederic Morris and Chika Osaka.

Anne Desmet RA, Chair of the Judges commented,“We were so pleased at the high standard of work submitted and number of emerging artists nominated for their work with the print medium. Chika Osaka’s piece The rice that just served, stood out for us as it shows technical precision which also pushes the boundaries of the medium. The subject is both humourous and clever with a nice twist on the use of lithography embossed with rice, echoing the subject of the print. It was interesting to see a lithograph with a deeply rooted sense of the Japanese woodcut traditions. The Jerwood Printmaking Today Prize is a really worthwhile new award which I’m delighted to have been involved in.”

Chika Osaka is a lithographer and watercolour artist. She graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts in 2011. Since then, she has become one of Japan’s most popular emerging artists. Osaka creates works rich in detail and full of humour.

London Original Print Fair 2019 ran from 25 – 28 April at Royal Academy of Arts, London.


Jerwood Collection

Michael Ayrton Acquisition

Michael Ayrton (1921- 1975) Encounter No. 1, 1947

Jerwood Collection has acquired Encounter No 1 by Michael Ayrton (1921-1975) who primarily worked as a sculptor (Jerwood Collection holds three of his sculpture maquettes). Ayrton painted this work in response to a visit to Italy he was able to make in 1947 after wartime restrictions were lifted. Encounter No 1 stands out from other higher-keyed works painted in this period: the palette is more subdued, perhaps as a response to Ayrton’s travels through the battle-scarred port of Livorno.

Find out more about Jerwood Collection's recent acquisitions on the website here.


Jerwood Arts

Jerwood Arts invites increase in artists’ fees in funding applications as new Jerwood Bursaries recipients announced

Louise Orwin, CRY CRY KILL KILL, 2019. Photo: Ludo de Cognets

24 artists receive new Jerwood Bursaries for self-defined professional development. 71% of successful applicants were invited to resubmit with a higher artist fee allocation, in recognition of their time and expertise.

Jerwood Arts has announced 24 new Jerwood Bursaries across a range of artistic disciplines for artists six to 10 years into establishing their professional practice. These bursaries provide targeted funding for artists, curators and producers to support their own self-defined development, aiming to create conditions for artistic excellence to thrive. Each bursary is worth up to £1,250.

During the review process, the selection panel agreed that many of the applicants had not included an adequate fee for themselves which considered their time and expertise. Jerwood Arts subsequently asked those 71% of successful artists to increase their fees, in line with industry best practice, and resubmit their budgets.

Lilli Geissendorfer, Director, Jerwood Arts, says:

‘Jerwood Arts is committed to funding artists properly. We see this as one positive way we can advocate for sectoral change in the way that artists and commissioners approach artists’ right to fair and sustainable pay. By asking artists to fully account for their time and expertise, we hope to contribute to a change in the culture around artists’ pay and funding that creates a more sustainable ecology.’

The recipients of this round of Jerwood Bursaries are: Sharon Adams, Sara Anstis, Jo Bannon, Sophie Blagden, Phoebe Davies, Emma Dove, Sarah Duffy, Ali Eisa, Jane Hayes Greenwood, Fox Irving, Roy Mcfarlane, Louise Orwin, Siôn Parkinson, Berry Patten, Derica Shields, Nastassja Simensky, Jamie Starboisky, Debris Stevenson, Dharma Taylor, Fern Thomas, Joseph Toonga, Katy Weir, Jen White, and Nicola Woodham.

This is the first round of Jerwood Bursaries under Jerwood Arts’ new funding programme launched in January 2019. They were selected through a national call for applications, with a multi-stage process that saw proposals firstly evaluated by Jerwood Arts’ new Artist Advisers, before a selection panel comprising Emma Frankland, artist and performance maker; Heather Phillipson, artist and poet; and George Vasey, curator and writer made the final decisions. Jerwood Arts is openly offering feedback to applicants on request for the first time.

Jerwood Arts announced its first 52 Artist Advisers in March 2019 as a central element to its new funding approach, providing art form specific skills and expertise to help identify talent and supporting selection and decision making processes. They are part of a push for greater openness, increased national reach and a broadening of Jerwood Arts’ taste. As part of their commitment to improving conditions for artists from all background across the UK, Jerwood Arts aims to continually review and refine its funding processes.

The second round of Jerwood Bursaries, for artists, curators and producers with one to five years professional experience, will open 15 July 2019 until 5pm, 7 October 2019.

See the full list of artist projects here:



Other News


TS John Jerwood. Photo: Don Williams

 We received this fantastic shot from Don Williams of the TS John Jerwood sailing off the coast of Dorset. The commissioning of this Sea Cadets training ship was made possible with a capital grant of £1,216,700 from Jerwood Foundation. TS John Jerwood was offically named at a ceremony in September 2002.

TS John Jerwood is used as part of the Sea Cadets' training programme for 12 - 18 year olds. The programme teaches teamwork and social responsibility through a range of activities based on seamanship and maritime skills.


The rice that just served © Chika Osaka, 2018