Jerwood Foundation

Jerwood Foundation and Jerwood Gallery


The Council of Jerwood Foundation has taken the difficult decision to disengage from the Jerwood Gallery by the end of 2019. The Gallery became an independent charity in 2017.

Jerwood is proud of what it has delivered for Hastings. It has contributed £5million towards the construction of the award-winning building that houses the Gallery and, as its principal stakeholder funder, has supported it with grants and payments exceeding £2.6million since it opened in 2012. Jerwood will continue to provide financial support to the Gallery until the end of this year.

Alan Grieve, Chairman of Jerwood Foundation, commented:

“Jerwood Gallery will be renamed and will no longer house the Jerwood Collection of modern and contemporary British art, which will be available for loan to art galleries and institutions throughout the UK. The three Jerwood representatives on the Gallery’s Board of Directors have stepped down.

Jerwood leaves a strong legacy for the Hastings community with art at the forefront of the regeneration of the town. We had hoped to have a longer relationship with Hastings. However, it is increasingly clear that the Board of the Gallery has a different vision for its future and so must be allowed to go forward with full financial and operational independence.“

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