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This month we mark the centenary of John Jerwood’s birth on 17th September 1918. Before he created what was to become one of the largest cultured pearl dealerships in the world and established the Jerwood Foundation with Alan Grieve, John Jerwood had been commissioned into the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (KOYLI) in 1940. He served with distinction as a Captain and Adjutant with the 1st Battalion of the KOYLI, winning the Military Cross in the Italian Campaign in 1944.

On 1st August, the KOYLI’s Regimental Day and the anniversary of the Battle of Minden, Alan Grieve CBE, Chairman of the Jerwood Foundation, attended the unveiling and dedication of a memorial statue to commemorate all the soldiers who served in the KOYLI.

Given his service with the Regiment and in John Jerwood’s memory, Jerwood Foundation contributed towards the memorial appeal fund for this imposing memorial statue by Steve Winterburn. It stands in Elmfield Park, Doncaster to remind all those who pass by of the soldiers who served and those who gave their lives inn the wars of 1914-918 and 1939-1945.



Jerwood Space

On 21st September 1998 the then Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport Chris Smith MP (now Lord Smith) and Alan Grieve CBE, Chairman, Jerwood Foundation, officially opened the Foundation’s first major capital project, Jerwood Space in Southwark. A former Victorian school, the converted building was refurbished to create rehearsal studios, meeting rooms, a versatile gallery space (home to the Jerwood Visual Arts programme), a café with glasshouse and office space for Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

Further construction in 2007 added a top storey to create much sought-after space designed for rehearsing large-scale musical theatre which has proved such a success.

The past 20 years have seen the Space become one of the best rehearsal studios in the country, providing theatre/musical theatre, opera and dance practitioners with excellent facilities for the work of art. In 2017 over 350 different companies used Jerwood Space, 50% of which received a subsidy from Jerwood.

In 2017, the Gentleman Baristas took over the running of the café, providing the Space's talented customers with great food and outstanding coffee.

On behalf of the Jerwood Family we wish Peter Wilkinson, Director, Chris Cotton, Chairman and the fabulous Jerwood Space team a very, very happy 20th Birthday!




Jerwood Collection

Nicola Bealing, Mermaids Ashore, oil on paper, 2005 (c) Nicola Bealing

Nine works from the Jerwood Collection are currently on show at the Gibberd Gallery, Harlow, as part of Show Women. The exhibition, which is a collaboration between the Gibberd Gallery, the Ingram Collection, and the Jerwood Collection, opened on August 9 with a speech from Jerwood Collection Director Lara Wardle. The exhibition displays work by female artists as a response to the first wave of women to obtain the vote 100 years ago. Artists featured from the Jerwood Collection include Hannah Bays, Nicola Bealing, HaYoung Kim, Nancy Milner, Shani Rhys James, and Rose Wylie.

Show Women is on display at the Gibberd Gallery, Harlow, until October 27th

Jerwood Collection Director Lara Wardle was interviewed for the current issue of CreativPaper. The article can be read in the online edition:

John Minton's Melon Sellers, Corsica from the Jerwood Collection was included in a highly acclaimed BBC 4 documentary on the artist presented by Mark Gatiss. Available on iPlayer.



Jerwood Gallery

Quentin Blake: Walking with Birds (17.7.2018-7.10.2018)

The celebrated artist, illustrator, and Jerwood Gallery’s Artist Patron Sir Quentin Blake (b.1932) has created a new series of works for this exhibition. Walking with Birds features extraordinary creatures and new characters, all brought to life in Blake’s distinctive style.

Blake has collaborated with many writers including Michael Rosen and Roald Dahl and has also written and illustrated many of his own books. He has worked on exhibitions and projects for museums, hospitals and public spaces in England and France. Blake has received a knighthood and a Chevalier of the Légion d’Honneur. He lives and works in London and Hastings.


Current Exhibitions

'Two wildly contrasting exhibitions that make surprisingly apt partners' Mark Hudson on The Human Figure in Space, Mark Wallinger and In Focus: Wilhelmina Barns-Graham: Sea, Rock, Earth and Ice, the Critical List, Daily Telegraph 25 Aug. Both now showing at Jerwood Gallery



 Jerwood Charitable Foundation


Selina Thompson: Image: 14:18-Now

Represent is a series of artworks inspired by the Representation of the People Act 1918. While the act gave the vote only to women over 30, Represent invites three young female artists- Selina Thompson, Debris Stevenson and Rachael Maclean to explore democracy, equality and inclusion in contemporary Britain. Presented by 14-18 NOW and supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation, Represent is accompanied by a programme of events, talks and professional development opportunities.

Jerwood Staging Series

Sophie Hoyle. Image: Chooc Ly Tan

Five curated evenings of new and reconfigured event-based work between 6-15 September 2018 at Jerwood Space, London
Jerwood Staging Series is a curatorial project that provides a performance-based platform in the galleries at Jerwood Space for film, live music, performance, readings and discussion led by Sarah Williams, Head of Programme and Lauren Houlton, Gallery Manager.






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