Jerwood Foundation

Jerwood Room

Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford

 Opened in May 2000

The Jerwood Foundation made a relatively small grant to Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford for the refurbishing and equipping of an exhibition room alongside a three year series of lectures and exhibitions. The Jerwood Room and the Jerwood Series of Lectures and Exhibitions opened in May 2000, commencing LMH's new visual arts programme.

The Jerwood Room has shown works from LMH's notable collection of Modern British pictures, work by Fine Art students, work from the tri-annual artist residency scheme LMH holds in conjuction with the Ruskin School of Art and work by other contemporary artists including Jerwood Painting Prize winner Maggi Hambling. As well as being used for exhibitions, the room also acts as a venue for committee meetings, dinners, receptions and other events.

Lady Margaret Hall

Lady Margaret Hall was founded in 1878 by Elizabeth Wordsworth, a great-niece of William Wordsworth, as the first women's college at Oxford. The college was named after Lady Margaret Beaufort, the mother of King Henry VII, who was known for her learning. In 1979 LMH decided to admit men as well as women.