Jerwood Foundation


Jerwood is a family of registered charities and not-for-profit organisations; Jerwood Foundation, Jerwood Arts and Jerwood Space; united in their commitment to support, nurture and rewarrd excellence and dedication in the visual and performing arts.

Jerwood Foundation was established by Alan Grieve for John Jerwood in 1977. Following John Jerwood’s death in 1991, the Foundation has flourished under Alan Grieve’s Chairmanship and inspiration and together with Jerwood Arts has channelled over £100 million towards capital and revenue funding in support of the arts in the UK. 

John Jerwood (1918-1991) & Alan Grieve

John Jerwood started his working life in the family jewellery business in Hatton Garden, London. After serving in the Second World War, in which he won the M.C., he moved to Tokyo, where he married and settled to establish what was to become one of the largest dealerships of cultured pearls in the world. 

Jerwood Foundation since 1991
Funding of capital projects bearing the Jerwood name

Jerwood Foundation has made a large number of high profile strategic capital grants reflecting its range of interests in the arts and education. Major grants include those for the Jerwood Theatres at the Royal Court, the Jerwood Vanbrugh Theatre and Jerwood Vanbrugh Rehearsal Space at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, RADA, Jerwood Library, Trinity Hall, Cambridge and the Jerwood Studio at Glyndebourne. 

In 1999Jerwood Foundation endowed the Jerwood Charitable Foundation (now Jerwood Arts) and also established Jerwood Space in 1998, its first capital project.

Governance and Board Structures

The Jerwood Foundation, Jerwood Arts, Jerwood Space and Jerwood Gallery operate through separate board structures but with some mutual directors to ensure continuity and consistency of the values, mission and ethos of the Foundation. All activities are in the name of Jerwood as a family identity.

"Jerwood's vision, to support exceptional talent within the arts, combined with their strategic and imaginative attitude towards funding and their commitment to making a difference to artists and creatives, makes them a very important part of a diverse funding landscape, and an ideal partner for the Arts Council.  It has been a real pleasure to work with them during my time here."

Sir Peter Bazalgette

Chair, Arts Council England (2013-2017)

Jerwood Collection of Modern and Contemporary British Art

Jerwood Collection was created by Alan Grieve in 1993 to give public access to a privately owned collection and enhance the understanding and enjoyment of 20th and 21st century British art. It comprises just under 300 works and continues to grow with new acquisitions and donations under the direction of Lara Wardle. Visit the Jerwood Collection website here.



John Jerwood MC (1918-1991)
Alan Grieve CBE Photo:Pal Hansen